“This is terrible. Is there any good we can do here?” These words shared by a member of Campus Sonar’s staff in the early days of the pandemic crisis resulted in the company’s most successful inbound marketing campaign to date. On this week’s episode, Campus Sonar CEO,

Dr. Liz Gross, shares details on the Corona Virus Higher Ed briefing, a report that used social listening tools to give higher ed practitioners at all levels, data to understand and communicate the impact of the virus on key audiences. Liz’s story of moving from student affairs to marketing communications to intreprenuer and CEO of Campus Sonar is inspirational, but it’s her approach to leadership, research, and a commitment to the long-haul that are what set her apart as a Servant Marketer. Here’s a few topics we cover in this week’s episode:

  • What marketers should be focused on right now
  • Secular vs. Jesuit vs. Franciscan education
  • Studying leadership and developing self-awareness through reflection
  • The importance of context in messaging right now
  • What our teams need from us during these “unprecedented times”
  • More information on the Corona Virus Higher Ed Briefing case study
  • Selling a service in a cluttered marketplace of SAAS providers

Liz was kind enough to write this follow-up post about Playing the Long-Game in marketing and explains how the Campus Sonar team puts relationship building and service over quick sales.

One of the most fun parts of this interview with Liz was sharing our passion for Taylor Swift and talking about what Swift can teach us about marketing (HINT: A LOT).


Servant Marketing Snacks – Episode 4

Give and Take by Adam Grant