Vulnerability has been a buzzword thanks to the amazing work of Brene Brown, but what can marketers understand better about consumers and vulnerability. I welcome CEO of StartHuman, Amber Barnes, to this week’s episode to talk about vulnerability, leadership, the drama triangle and so much more.

What struck me the most about this conversation with Amber was our discussion around consumers. As marketers, our work can be perceived in many different ways. Servant Leaders are called on to use persuasion over manipulation. So how do marketers ensure that the work and messaging we put out into the world is rooted in truth and respect? Like Amber says, we want consumers to be proud of the purchases they make. 

I think we’ve all experienced regret after making an impulse buy (I’m looking at you, Target). Something looks shiny in a store or we have a fleeting thought about the way we will use something, only to get home and realize it wasn’t needed, or worse…that we already have something similar. I don’t think we can talk about being Servant Marketers without thinking about the effects of consumerism on people’s health and wealth. 

In addition to talking about vulnerability and consumers, Amber also shares her thoughts on Servant Leadership. I enjoyed her authenticity around the challenges of adopting this philosophy, and her advice for both first-time managers, and seasoned leaders. 

In this episode: 

  • What vulnerability can teach us about consumers 
  • The Drama Triangle 
  • How leaders can help rehumanize the workplace
  • Taking risks to find workplaces that align with our values 
  • Characteristics of people who make great people leaders 

Episode 13 – Servant Marketing Snacks