Have you ever heard of the term “karmic assignment?” It’s the idea that each of us has a purpose on this planet or work that we cannot not do. Work that we would pay to do, instead of being motivated by extrinsic motivation. In Episode 15, I talked to Gary Mueller, Executive Creative Director for BVK, a large advertising, and marketing agency.

Almost two decades ago, Gary was struggling with his ego and his desire to be recognized for his talent. And then he went to church. During the pastor’s sermon, Gary experienced a moment of extreme clarity. Call it divine intervention, universal guidance, or a message from God, but that moment changed the trajectory of Gary’s career. He went on to found Serve Marketing, the country’s first, all-volunteer, non-profit ad agency. From that moment, Gary has dedicated his career to shining a light on underserved causes and changing dangerous behaviors.

In this episode: 

  • Gary’s journey to his “karmic assignment” 
  • The sacrifices he made to bring Serve Marketing into the world
  • Barriers for non-profits when it comes to marketing 
  • Why brands need a purpose 
  • What other agencies can do to give back



Servant Marketing Snacks in Episode 15