How do you introduce someone to the concept of Servant Leadership without making it sound like every other pop culture style of leadership out there? As I thought about launching this podcast, I knew it was important to start with an expert, without asking listeners to read everything written by Robert K. Greenleaf. Don’t get me wrong, Greenleaf’s writing is profound and powerful, but it reads like if your grandfather had written it (well, not my grandfather, but maybe your grandfather if he had worked at AT&T as an executive his whole career). The paradox of Servant Leadership is that it is both incredibly deep, and quite simple. So, I was beyond thrilled to welcome Dr. Shann Ray Ferch as the first guest on The Servant Marketer.  


 Dr. Ferch is a faculty member in the School of Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University where I’m currently completing my Master’s. In addition to his expertise in Servant Leadership, Dr. Ferch studies Leadership and Forgiveness. His 2013 TEDx Talk has been viewed over 100,000 times.


In this episode, Dr. Ferch helps me understand: 

  • The origins of Servant Leadership
  • Who Robert Greenleaf was
  • The 10 Characteristics that make a Servant Leader 
  • Common Myths associated with Servant Leadership 
  • How marketers can do a better job of serving their organizations and the people they lead

Servant Marketer Snacks – Episode 1

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